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Gettin’ Physical brings you quality, relevant sex education, as well as information on various intimate products that can enhance your bedroom experience.

Uncover the Hidden Treasure in Giving Oral Pleasure

Disarm the internal barriers and learn practical techniques to make the next BJ you deliver an explosive experience!

Your enthusiasm and knowledge are perfect. You really normalize the topic and make everyone comfortable.
Los Angeles, CA
I really enjoyed your grace and knowledge. The way you shared your experience was not only educational, but also beautiful. Thank you! One could be sure she is dealing with a professional. I became more conscious of my attitudes and more knowledgeable concerning techniques.
Freelancer, Moscow Russia
I really enjoyed it and it will definitely bring me to new explorations and discoveries. I feel I became more free and aware in discussing this and finally in using the right language to achieve a better understanding with my partner.

Meet Your Instructor

I've been educating adults about sexuality since 2002. At the age of 32, I was frustrated by the challenges that plague many women – an inability to orgasm reliably, difficulty communicating sexual needs, and a general lack of knowledge and confidence. I began the journey that would ultimately change both the experience of my own sexuality as well as the intimate lives of the people I touched.

An avid consumer of human potential workshops and literature, I effectively synthesize practical instruction, personal transformation and outrageous fun to create my own unique brand of intimate edutainment.

Ms. T

Gettin' Physical

Get relevant, quality information on sexual health topics and intimate products that will expand the ways you’re able to spice up your relationship both in and out of the bedroom.  FREE

Tastefully Speaking

Conquer some of the biggest obstacles to oral mastery: frame of mind and a lack of confidence. We cover what men really love about receiving oral pleasure and learn techniques to make him weep!

OMG! Oh, My G-spot!

Get educated about the g-spot: what it is, where it is, and what to do with it when you find it.